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The rules are simple and straightforward.

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    Q. Will one password work on all boards?
    A. Yes. All the forums will search for a case sensitive match between username and password.

    Q. Will my email address be shown?
    A. No. Supplying an email address for a post will be at your option.

    Q. Who will have access to my email information?
    A. The only one with access to your information with be the forums' administrator and you will only be contacted if you post something deemed inappropriate. The database containing username/email information will be non-web accessible, will not be made available to anyone and will not be sold.

    Q. Will I be able to change my username?
    A. Nope. There is a one-to-one correlation between username and email address. If you wish to change your username you will need to contact the administrator.

    Q: Are all email addresses acceptable?
    A. No. Currently "junk email accounts" such as hotmail, gmail, juno, geocities, yahoo, etc... will not be automatically accepted. If you use one of these accounts and still desire a password you will have to email the administrator.

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