Yours is clearly the assessment of a fully evolved human being

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Posted by Rubik543 on May 13, 2024 at 14:21:58

In Reply to: But they behave like children posted by Bruins#1 on May 13, 2024 at 13:29:15

Do you ever take a moment to just stop and appreciate just how full of poop you can be? You clearly believe you are 100% right and the rest are 100% wrong. While cliche, the old saying that you should never judge a person until you have walked a mile in his moccasins still holds true. The degree with which you are openly and proudly willing to judge the character of people that you nothing about is astounding. Beyond knowing that you're an old fart, I know next to nothing about you. The intended irony seems to have shot over your head. I don't know you and accused you of being racist based on a couple sentences you typed to make a point, that it was perhaps a tad rash on your part to trash the character of two men that you know nothing about based solely on you not liking their tone in YouTube video they posted. Rather than pickup the intended irony, you instead decided to double, triple and quadruple down. So there's that. And funny enough, you use Trump (someone notorious for his baseless attacks on people) as an example to separate yourself from riff raff like me, LM and DJ. I have no idea if you are actually racist, figure that as with most everything else, the truth likely lies somewhere in between. You may be old enough to think you know everything, but I've lived plenty long to realize that believing you are 100% right about any subjective matter is typically a surefire way to end up being damn near 100% wrong.

Have a lovely day sir.

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