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Posted by SehornBlew on January 11, 2024 at 12:22:21

In Reply to: He would not want the UCLA job posted by Bruins#1 on January 11, 2024 at 11:26:57

I not completely sold that UCLA doesnít have the NIL. There are plenty of wealthy alums who understand the value of a strong football (and to a lesser extent hoop) program. Here is what I see as the problem with our current circumstances.

1. We have one gorilla donor ó Wasserman. When people put $$ into the program, they want some sort of control. Itís been mentioned numerous times that many big donors do not want to give to the current program. However, it falls on deaf ears because Wasserman backed Chip. I donít know about you but I donít donate to charities or institutions that I donít agree with. Iím not a big giver ó low 5 figures ó so I donít matter, but I certainly wouldnít give to a chip run program. My measly donation wouldnít move the needle regardless, but the same analysis is applicable to the 6-7 figure guys.

2. NIL doesnít need to come just from donors. Our AD and liaisons need to speaking with car dealerships and real estate owners to get cars and housing for prospective players. Did you see Calebís apartment?

3. We are about to be in one of the power 2 conferences. The AD should be flush with cash. Donations that were otherwise marked for the AD will no longer be necessary. Now those amounts should be used by third party entities to procure talent.

4. Jarmond has not been proactive enough in this sphere. I thought this would be his wheelhouse. To date, heís failed.

5. Chip has been derelict here. He needs to be more donor and people friendly with the ucla community. He needs to grovel for $$. Saban did it, Kiffin does it, Day does it, so it shouldnít be beneath him.

I donít think ďUCLAĒ can be blamed here. I think Jarmond and Kelly are most at fault. Itís hard to draw the conclusion you have drawn when we only have one data point ó Chip/Jarmond. I need more info to come to your conclusion.

Also to be clear, Iím not blaming Wasserman, Iím just saying he chills giving because his pockets are so deep he can overrule others. Hey, I wish I could wield so much influence. Maybe in my next life.

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