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Here are some "classic posts" from the Bruin Zone forums. Feel free to email me and suggest other posts worthy of inclusion and being saved. Classic posts can be anything that is humorous, timely, well-said or definitive...heck, they can be whatever you want them to be. So either email submissions or prop the poster on the forums and hope that I see the post.

Bruin Steve - Different Version. Bruin Steve apparently received an early addition of an LA Times column that attempted to show how UCLA and USC students are begining to look similar. Either that or he put his mouse and keyboard to work in an effort to correct some misstatements, oversights and errors. :)

David - The Next Two Years/Dedicated to Dr. J. David, not much of a Lavin guy, went out on a limb and made some predicitions. His tireless crusade briefly sparked the Davidian movement championed by Dr.J and tgk. This seminal post holds clues to Davidian thought and the doctrine's basic tenants.

Kawai - UGLY fans. Commentary on a vocal minority of UCLA fans who just can't be pleased.