Very bad loss

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Posted by russsmith on January 13, 2018 at 21:45:15

We were off the bubble, this puts us pretty close to right back on it considering at best we're going to split in Oregon.

This is just not a smart team. Welsh had 20 tonight, 9-10 from the floor, so why in the world did Wilkes and Hands both take 11 shots each? Hands 11 shots no assists. Aaron took 13 but he kind of had to once we fell behind someone had to shoot.

Just dumb basketball don't change an obvious mismatch all night on defense letting King go nuts, and when you have a guy they can't stop inside or outside, run plays for him, get him the ball. I still can't believe that play where AO had Welsh under the rim posting Mckinley and he didn't throw it to him and then threw crosscourt steal 3 pointer.

I give up trying to figure this team out, everytime I think they've learned something, they get amnesia.

Officially Ali had 1 turnover seemed like 5, kept dropping passes.

That sequence when Smith missed the FT(3rd straight) and then ALi missed 2 layup putbacks, unreal. He has to learn to play through mistakes, he constantly hangs his head and then compounds the mistake. he's been playing better of late but tonight he was brutal.

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