Support is not a term I use in this context

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Posted by BruinBlue1 on April 11, 2019 at 13:20:26

In Reply to: What happened to your statement that you would support... posted by Born2BBruin on April 11, 2019 at 12:26:08

I never said that I would only say nice things about the coach. I don't know what "support" means, in your context. I usually do not use such a phrase. I do remember saying that I was not going to spend the years attacking Cronin, if they hired him, because it was purposeless. UCLA hired him, they gave him $24 million. I don't know why, except that they don't know how to identify the best coaches and land them, and that they got tired of looking very bad in the process.

It was a foolish hire, in my view; except that if you are a university which cares more about avoiding waves, and vetting every potential coach to an extent that you eliminate most of them, he's probably fine. I don't think you will enjoy watching his teams, but maybe he'll radically change at UCLA, and play an exciting, fast-paced game. Maybe he'll do great, but I seriously doubt it. I will not do what about 70% of the UCLA fan base did, which was to attack Alford unmercifully from the day he was hired. I will not pay to have banners flown from airplanes. I may pretty much absent myself from following the program as closely as I have always done, at least for the next few years, though I'll always care about it. I will not write nearly as many posts about all of this, because it's mostly moot after the hire that UCLA chose to make. I really thought that this was the time that they would step up and hire a top-level, elite coach. But they lacked the capacity to do so. I'll probably write some posts, particularly in these early stages of the 6 years-plus Cronin tenure. I did not take a coach loyalty pledge, why should anyone?

I hope he does well. I don't think he'll do well enough to make any real difference, but I imagine that he'll get some praise for a while, as most of our coaches do, including Lavin, Neuheisel, Mora. I think that Cronin is a substantially lesser version of the Ben Howland whom we first hired. I think that UCLA has basically conceded its place in college basketball hierarchy. No one will refer to us as "elite" again, not for years, anyway, even if we occasionally do put together some good regular seasons, and the rare tourney run. Many programs which are not elite, do that. I think that the search process was awful and embarrassing. That's not Cronin's fault. But who else was trying to hire him? Cincy didn't want him much, and we gave him $24 million. The thread was about Guerrero, and I expressed my thoughts about him. If Cronin does very well, he will get a lot of support from the vast majority of Bruin fans. It just depends on what the lowered expectations amount to now. I think that there will be a good deal of capitulation among at least a good percentage of Bruin fans. All this has enervated the fan base. But of course almost all fans want to be optimistic and hopeful about the future of their favorite program, that is very understandable.

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