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Posted by barrya on April 11, 2019 at 12:52:30

In Reply to: Come on now posted by Jaxxxbruin123 on April 11, 2019 at 12:40:27

compensation - and penalty provisions of any sort - can be structured in many different ways and the bottom line is, it's simply a package of compensation no matter how you choose to set it up. The employer - in this case UCLA - may find it politically better to avoid stating explicitly that they are paying off the money their new employee owes to break his current contract and come work for UCLA. The employee, in that case, figures out how to make enough money off the contract to still make it worth his while to take the new job. i remember a negotiation between a union and an employer in which union members kept stating the employer didn't want to pay more toward health coverage or retirement or whatever, and the management spokesperson finally said to the union bargaining team, 'We really don't give a fig how we spread out the money. What we care about is the total cost of the package. You figure out how you want to take it and let us know and we'll work it out." It's the bottom line that counts. One way or another the employer is going to be paying for the buy-out because the employee's money is coming from the new employer. It really doesn't matter very much what labels they place on things

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