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Posted by KevinBruinFan on November 07, 2018 at 16:52:01

Like my new disclaimer?

Reading BRO is like talking to a friend who thinks everything in the world can be explained by global warming. BRO refuses to provide any real analysis anymore because it apparently believes that the sole determining factor for UCLA basketball is that Alford is a bad coach, so what’s the point of doing anything other than pointing that out over and over?

So in BRO’s season preview, the theme was that UCLA has a lot of talent, but it’s an established fact that its current coach is terrible, so it makes no difference.

In his preview of the Bruins’ first two games, unsuccessful Minnesota-based girls small high school coach Robert Carpentier revisits the same theme.

In his wrap up of the Purdue Fort Wayne game, so does Tracie Pearson.

And yet, in their season prediction, BRO predicts that UCLA finishes second in the PAC-12, gets more than 30 wins and goes to the Elite Eight.

Either that is trolling (though why they would troll the ten or so posters who remain on their basketball board is beyond me) or their dismissals of Alford as a terrible coach incapable of having an elite season without Lonzo Ball are simply disingenuous. If Alford goes to the Elite Eight and wins 30 games with only two upperclassmen (neither very good) and five returning players altogether, plus the slew of injuries that have already befallen the team, I would dare say that is a pretty good result — UCLA’s best season in 11 years and fourth best in the last 24 years (4 coaches).

Such a result would also require revisiting Alford’s entire performance at UCLA in the sense that his second year was explainable by losing virtually every Howland era player with only one real recruiting cycle to replenish the roster; his third as the result of recruiting mistakes/misses in his first two years (aiming too high? Poor backup plans?) that led to a roster barren of experienced talent in year 3; and his fifth due to a combination of the attrition of his entire 2016 recruiting class to the NBA and Chinagate, leaving a team of 8 playable players including Goloman, Olesinski, and 17-year-old Chris Smith.

I’m not saying I expect an Elite 8 this season, but I do find it amusing that BRO, despite being sure to make it abundantly clear, over and over and at every opportunity, that Alford is a terrible coach, nonetheless predicts an outcome for the season that would give Alford by far the best sixth season in UCLA basketball coach history — including Coach Wooden’s sixth season.

In other BRO news, they are having a 20-year anniversary party. In order to entice people to attend, they are promising an appearance by Greg Hicks. I swear I am not making this up.

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