Not to beat a dead horse, but Aliís problem is Ali...

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Posted by Fuzzy on November 07, 2018 at 13:21:19

... and by that I mean his head. Heís clearly athletic, and he clearly has basketball skills. But, his first goal does not seem to be his team, but himself. And, thatís not unique, except that as opposed to some others like that, he seems incapable of performing consistently with that behavior.

IMO, if his first goal was the team, I think he could be an extremely beneficial team member - even in the starting lineup, making his teammates better, playing defense, and taking the good shots the defense then gives him.

Perfect example was late in garbage time when he took like 4 shots in a row from the same exact baseline spot, within about 25 seconds, and missed them all. At 2 points and 1 rebound, he was clearly just trying to ďget hisĒ, despite Alfordís claim on 570 after the game that heís trying to focus the team on a consistent mentality and approach. This is Aliís 3rd year with the team, and he should be the last guy having problems with that.

itís unfortunate. I liked something about everyone I saw on the floor last night, with this lone exception. And that doesnít mean he wonít have his share of decent games. But, what do we need from our elder player, if not consistency, and setting example?

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