This team could be very good

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Posted by eldiablo on November 07, 2018 at 11:29:47

I was pleasantly surprised by the game last night. The inside/outside combo of Brown and Wilkes is going to be extremely hard for opposing teams to deal with. It's going to be lethal to teams with lesser talent and height - as we saw last night. It's been awhile since we had a center like Brown. I was very, very impressed with him. Not the strongest kid, but boy is he agile and alert. I loved his aggressive mentality. He's better than I hoped he'd be coming in. He's raw, but he actually has several decent moves around the rim (as opposed to just being big and strong like Ike) - which makes him a true weapon offensively in the paint. He's so damn tall that the Bruins can almost just heave it near the rim every possession and he'll go up and get it. Wilkes looks like a total stud out there. No fear, great moves in traffic, finds a way to get to the rim when he wants to. Nice outside shot. He's going to be our best player, hands down. Those two are the keys to our success.

Hands actually looked pretty decent at PG last night, but I'm curious to see him against better competition. Impossible to say if he can really run the team based on the level of competition.

Ali did nothing for me last night - and his rudeness to Bruin fans in fast food joints makes me like him even less.

Maybe the most encouraging thing I saw last night was how well Chris Smith and Hill played. If Smith can shoot the trey with confidence like that against a good team - look out - the Bruins will go very far this year. With Wilkes and Brown dominating, Smith is going to get that open look all game long. Hill didn't look like a kid at all out there. He looked strong, poised and tenacious. Again, can he be that effective and physical against a better team, who knows? But if he can, wow, the Bruins have a great team going here. They're big, long, fast, skilled and strong.

Jules B looks very good too. He was a little out of control at times, but he reminds me of Wilkes. Very confident. Nice athletic moves to get to the hoop. He needs some footwork lessons and has to slow it down, but the kid loves to ball - great sign.

Lastly, it's concerning that the shoe finally dropped and the Times revealed that Grace had contact with Dawkins. Not much seems to have come of the 19 minutes of phone chatter. And it's also not quite as bad as Miller talking directly with the guy. But unless you were formed out of clay yesterday like Gumby - it's hard to believe that nothing "improper" was ever talked about between Grace and Dawkins during those calls. Or that CSA didn't know Grace was making them. Is this enough to bury CSA and get us in hot water with the NCAA or the FBI, probably not. Bowen blew us off and Grace is gone. But the taint will remain. It destroys any holier-than-thou attitude that we might have had towards SUC and Zona. We were in the money-ball game, or at least, checking out the prices - just like everyone else.

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