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Posted by UCLAFight! on October 12, 2018 at 08:19:26

In Reply to: Had a little run in with Prince Ali late tonight. posted by GoldenBruin#9 on October 12, 2018 at 01:41:25

Unfortunately, it seems like our society is just simply becoming less courteous to other people. I don't think it is simply an athlete thing -- seems to me that cutting in line is becoming more prominent everywhere.

I see folks cutting in line everywhere - Disneyland, lines at restaurants, etc. I always speak up but sometimes, folks use their children as a way to shield them as they cut in line. When they do that... it is difficult to say a word.

I was eating at Wendy's yesterday afternoon. They have this $4 for $4 deal - dang that is a good deal. These high school kids come in and ask for water. The guy behind the counter gives them water cups... then these kids proceed to fill their water with anything but water. The manager walks up to them and tells them that it is a water cup. The kids laughed them him off and starts muttering and talking out loud negative remarks about the manager. Kids sit down... and then proceeds to go the counter and buys a small cup of soda. He then fills up the small cup of soda and then goes back to the table and pours it in the water cups of the others. The kid then proceeds to go to the soda fountain and the manager intercepts him. The kids says I'm filling soda cup with soda and what is wrong with that?? The manager then simply allows them to continue..

I'm sitting there with my wife... and I was asking her if I should have said something to help the manager.. and she said no. We also realize how competitive it is in the fast food market... I mean - my wife and I got a burger, 4 chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink for $4.... It must be tough in the fast food business today...

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