Had a little run in with Prince Ali late tonight.

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Posted by GoldenBruin#9 on October 12, 2018 at 01:41:25

What a disgraceful dude. I'm waiting in what looks to be about a 4 minute line at Fat Sal's and in walks Prince Ali. Asks me if I'm the back of the line to which i answer Yes. He mutters something to himself in annoyance, because oh man how hard it is to wait in a 4 person line for late night Fat Sal's. He then proceeds to edge his way in front of the person who is next in line at the window, who I pat on the shoulder saying don't let that guy cut you like that. Thank god he has the balls to edge back in front of that dumbass and order his food.
Next in line are 2 girls and myself. Of course, Ail steps back in front of these girls as I am now loudly saying "Are you seriously trying to cut in front of these 2 girls and this entire line?" As he is now ordering his food, as the girls obviously weren't going to try and stop him, he turns back around at me and asks me if I have a problem. He finishes his order, and walks over to me and asks me if theres anything else I want to say to him. I tell him "this is a great look for you right now dude" to which he gives me the "What? What do you have to say?" treatment. Him being a good 7 inches taller than me I do about all I can do and tell him to have a good night, and go on to order my food.

All I can say is this dude is a total punk and a disgrace to UCLA. What a complete assh*le.

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