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Posted by BruinBlue1 on October 11, 2018 at 10:31:58

In Reply to: BB1: Your Last Paragraph Is Classic posted by 68mgr on October 10, 2018 at 23:42:26

Thanks, 68mgr. I have always followed college coaches very closely; which does not mean that I am always right about them, but I think I usually am. If there were a current college coach about whom I would think, "he would be great for UCLA," I would certainly say that. I am not wedded to Alford. But I really don't see one. Maybe Oats, the coach at Buffalo, is a possibility, if we want to take a shot. But the kind of coach who has shown that he can win at a high level, is either ensconced at a premier CBB school, or is immediately grabbed by a such a school in his area; e.g, Mack at Xavier, now Louisville. This happens much more quickly than, say, thirty years ago.

When I say that there is no proven top coach available to UCLA, I am not just making an argument. The only one I can think of, who is not a proven top coach, but certainly has done very well recently, is Eric Musselman, and I think that UCLA would not hire him. And certainly he has not done anything phenomnenal like Brad Stevens, whom I very much wanted us to hire six years ago, had done at Butler. We are going to hear all sorts of "flyer" names; failed NBA coaches, coaches at very small schools; assistants who are always a risk. And then people might note that if we did somehow locate and hire a great young assistant from another region we might well not be able to keep him when other schools where he has resided go after him. As you pointed out, the only top coaches we have hired since Wooden, were Brown, who was out of work, and who left after two years; and Howland, who grew up here, and didn't really want to be in Pittsburgh. We've gone after other ones, but failed to get them. We couldn't even get Denny Crum to come back here after we passed him over in favor of Bartow. So while I can well understand the frustration, I did think that we were well situated to have a very good year this season, until the injuries. And if people don't think we could end up worse off, we actually could. We replaced Harrick, who I never thought was any kind of great coach, but did win a title, with Lavin, because he looked like a coach to many of the alumni. We won't do that badly, but there are all sorts of "sucker bets" among the coaching possibilities.

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