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Posted by 68mgr on July 09, 2018 at 23:26:21

In Reply to: The Same Planet That Villanova and Michigan Do posted by LCTiger on July 09, 2018 at 18:06:17

With approximately 330 D1 institutions, you have chosen the most obvious - if not the only - two to make your point. However, while these schools, plus UCLA, may fashion themselves as both outstanding academic and athletic institutions, they are not under the same year-to-year and local pressures to win at once that UCLA operates under and the pressure the kids feel to leave early.

I don't believe that either Ann Arbor or Philly have the same concentration of cheaters, hustlers, AAU pimps, glad-handers, touts, family pressures and legit NBA personnel encouraging Bruins to exit quickly.

Kentucky is sleaze personified but Duke, under that paragon of virtue, Coach K, seems to have jettisoned whatever pretense it may have had of producing "student -athletes" in favor of success NOW!

Who the heck had ever heard of Mo Wagner until this past season? You have chosen a random confluence of events to make your point, a confluence which probably will not be repeated for a long time. When the denizens of this board urge the basketball coach - whoever he may be - to eschew the 5-Star kids and take the pointy-headed academic types who will flourish in the fourth year of their matriculation, hell will have officially frozen over.

Imagine a 5-Star freshman with a most difficult academic load who finishes his first year as an All-American with a guaranteed Top-3 draft status as a "can't miss" pro career - which translates to untold millions before age 25 - with a 4.2 GPA, telling his parents that he enjoys school so much that he is going to shelve his NBA dreams until he graduates. Three words: Nevah Gonna Happen!"

Like King Canute or the Little Dutch Boy trying to hold back the tide, you advocate a wise and desirable but wholly tenable plan for this school. The Pauleys, Ostins and their ilk don't squander their millions to improve grade-point averages; they do so to win NOW and four-year programs ain't in their DNA, nor in the DNA of the Bruin fanatics
who populate this board.

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