LCT: Respectfully, On What Planet Do You Reside?

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Posted by 68mgr on July 09, 2018 at 15:17:50

In Reply to: What You Seem To Not Want To Acknowledge posted by LCTiger on July 09, 2018 at 14:30:07

I believe that maybe 3% of college basketball players fit your criteria #1: "(1) recruit players who have both a strong desire to be a student at the university and an acute awareness that they are not ready to be in the NBA and that the program can help them get ready."

First: given the limited number of available roster spots available in the NBA and the more limited number of spots available to gringos in foreign countries, the market for professional players is quite small and for those with legitimate aspirations of playing pro ball, it appears to be an almost all-consuming quest. Given that: I believe spending "X" hours a day for four years in pursuit of a diploma while playing college ball is a luxury for those with no intention or realistic chance of playing pro ball.

The game, recruiting practices and professional drafting concerns are all arrayed against your pie-in-the-sky proposals. The college game has advanced from two-handed set shots to two-handed reverse windmill dunks. Kids with legit professional aspirations send out mixtapes when they are in the 4th grade, sell themselves to AAU pimps and their parents want Johnny in the pros immediately so as to achieve super money status on their glandular offspring's second contract (see "Levine - $78 Mil - 1/2 year at UCLA), and the pros rarely wait for a player with three years in college and seniors are demonstrably damaged goods. (Hate to say but does anyone really think that Welsh has a future in pro ball?)

Your concerns are certainly laudable and may have had resonance decades ago; but this is real time and the kids want in and out as soon as possible and if they hesitate, a bigger, better and younger kid with his hand out will take their places. They know it and it will only get worse unless the pros can draft out of high schools...and then it will get even worse.

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