What You Seem To Not Want To Acknowledge

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Posted by LCTiger on July 09, 2018 at 14:30:07

In Reply to: For a variety of reasons, I'm willing to give CSA 2 years posted by BRUINFLIP on July 09, 2018 at 12:27:11

is that the failure to have roster continuity is due in large part to factors over which the head coach does have control.

Other, more successful programs do make it a point to (1) recruit players who have both a strong desire to be a student at the university and an acute awareness that they are not ready to be in the NBA and that the program can help them get ready; and (2) constantly reinforce their players' awareness of the educational benefits of being in the program through a group oriented culture that emphasizes the improvement of each program participant. (You know, like most great university programs, athletic and non-athletic, do.)

It is clear that UCLA Men's Basketball does not currently have such a culture, nor do many of its participants demonstrate a strong appreciation of the benefits of staying in it, as demonstrated by the fact that most players who perceive any substantial NBA opportunity seem to leave at the earliest opportunity.

I do think that it is eminently fair to hold the head coach responsible for the failure to develop such a culture. I think it is fair to hold the head of any program at UCLA responsible if they fail to develop such a culture.

I agree with some other posters that Coach Alford is showing signs of making roster continuity (which is a necessary but not sufficient condition for developing such a culture) a higher priority than he has in the past. I commend him for it. But I disagree that he should be given more time to allow these efforts to take root, because he has already had years to so, but only recently decided that his other approach was not going to win enough games for him to keep his job.

Having said all that, I will be rooting for the Bruins to have a great season, and if such success is the beginning of a healthier program going forward, more power to the current coaches.

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