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Posted by ej on June 12, 2018 at 10:51:43

In Reply to: Walkons posted by LCTiger on June 12, 2018 at 07:46:56

to always make every player feel, through words and deeds, that they are always an integral part of the team (no matter what their role), and to let them know that they are being prepared, if needed, to play and contribute - and that it is important to know that they need to participate in that preparation.

When I was coaching we would always sit with each player and let them know precisely what we expected of them and how we saw their role on the team and how that role fit into the complete team picture. We wouldn't sugarcoat it and we would speak honestly and frankly to them. Kids know when they're being fed a load of "bull" and when they are respected enough to be told the truth. Some kids can handle the truth, others not. It was always best for everyone to lay one's cards on the table and to know where everyone stood from the get go.

Of course we always let them know that everything said in these individual meetings was not set in stone and things can evolve and change. If that happened, and sometimes it did, we would then have another meeting either to the plus side and also the negative. As a coach I always tried to remember how it was when I was a player and tried to handle the team and kids the way I wished I and my teams had been handled when I was on the other side of things.

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