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Posted by SehornBlew on June 12, 2018 at 09:18:31

In Reply to: Re: Watching the NBA the last couple of years posted by russsmith on June 11, 2018 at 15:23:51

"No I've seen Bamba's workouts I'm just not convinced it's going to translate right away. I know Hanlan is a very well respected shot doctor but Bamba still has a bit of a hitch he stil sets and then comes up on the 3. That may not matter in the NBA, teams are probably going to dare him to make that and prove he can, but it still doesn't look totally smooth to me. Much improved from college, much better follow through, but not as natural as say Ayton looks on his shot."

Maybe we are looking at different videos. I think Bamba looks extremely smooth from 3. Ayton, at least the stuff Ive seen, is shooting mid range shots, not from beyond the arc, and Id take Bamba;s stroke. A couple ways to look at Bamba -- his toe injury really held him back this year. Alternatively, Smart isnt a very good developer of talent (although, how much can one really do in 1 year, but many thought Bamba might not be a 1 and done, not bc of hoop skill, but bc of his intellect), but Hanlan works miracles consistently.

I know you know this, but we arent just looking at these prospects in the near term. I think Bagley is the best college player of all the bigs TODAY, but I dont think his game translates to the NBA and I think Bamba's upside is higher than Ayton or Bagley. Consequently, what any of them did in college is not as important to me as what they will do. That doesnt even get into comparing rosters they played on and the coaching each received.

"I think the idea is all these kids have serious questions so the thinking is take the 7 footer over the smaller less athletic guys like Doncic and Young. That may in fact be wrong, but I think that's the thinking."

If that is their thinking they arent realizing what has happened in the Association. Games arent dominated by big men anymore. Additionally, big men are more prone to career threatening injuries than smaller guys. Finally, the 3 is worth more than a 2.

Young is a difficult prospect, but I think he simply wore down as the year progressed bc his team was awful. He literally carried that squad. Yes, he's slight, but Curry is a pretty good doppelganger, of course he needs his work ethic, which we have no idea about.

In a vacuum I wouldnt take Ayton first. Recent history tells us dont take the big center, take a smaller player with a different skill set. Taht being said, I am not very familiar with the Suns roster and what would most benefit their roster. Yes, I know they have Booker and Jackson, so maybe a big is the right choice for them, although adding Sexton at PG makes for a compelling set of wings/guards.

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