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Posted by russsmith on June 11, 2018 at 17:00:40

In Reply to: Re: I like Bagley posted by Eight8clap on June 11, 2018 at 16:37:19

True but he shot only 63% from the line and that's often a better indicator. Bagley has good mechanics and I'm sure he can get better but he never took more than 4 in a game and never made more than 2 and that's with teams backing off daring him to shoot. Bagley shot a terrific % but I think I read somewhere he had something like 100 dunks this year at Duke(no idea how to find that out). Not saying he won't get dunks in the NBA too but I think teams will make it tougher on him than college teams did.

I think Bagley will be a very good NBA player and if his defense and shot improves he could easily be a perennial all star, but I do agree with the other posts that right now Ayton and maybe even Bamba are more "sure things" than Bagley.

Okafor was a dominant college player too and he can't even get on the court now because his defense is so bad it's exploited mercilessly by NBA teams. 22 3rd year in the NBA and he's already relegated to minor bench minutes because of his defense. The other thing with him is his NBA defensive advanced stats are actually better than his offensive stats. That's because NBA teams simply don't let guys like that load up in the low post and dominate, they double them and force them to do something and he was such a bad passer, he was basically double turnovers to assists his first 2 years before he stopped playing.

I think Bags is a better passer than Okafor is but I think his lack of strength will be a big issue in the NBA, I think he'll have to be able to pass the ball much better against doubles in the NBA and the stronger defenders might really bother him.

Bagley was a freaky kid he developed early but I think he sot of plateaued a bit his last year of HS and his year at Duke. he's REALLY good, but he didn't really develop new skils, didn't expand his range or improve his shot he just relied on sheer talent.

It won't surprise me at all if he winds up being a good NBA player but I think his floor is lower than anybody would have predicted this time a year ago.

I have several friends who are huge Duke fans who were saying all year it was striking how much better Duke was on defense when Bagley wasn't in, and in particular that stretch of games he missed with a knee injury.

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