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Posted by MMiller on June 12, 2017 at 21:40:56

In Reply to: That Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense. Plausible Theory. Good Job* posted by GhostofImmel on June 12, 2017 at 19:47:05

I disagree.

Boston has consistently made it clear that they HEART Markelle Fultz. They haven't worked out Josh Jackson or anyone except Fultz. Their attitude toward Ball has been, "So?"

The Lakers aren't trying to fool the Celtics into not drafting Ball. Especially since, though Lonzo himself has refuted this, the father has said Lonzo won't sign with Celtics if they draft him.

If these so-called "fake news leaks" are part of a Lakers' conspiracy, it would be to trade Ball down to someone for a lower pick and another pick or player as well. Someone will say, "Ooh, we are ripping off the Lakers because they do not see the Greatness of Ball. See, we are safe. Its not like when someone named West was making their decisions"...


The only congenital idiots in the lottery are in charge at Minnesota and Sacramento. Maybe Sacramento is dumb enough to accept Ball (2 pick) and Randle for Scoring PG Fox (5 pick), PF/C Collins (10 pick) and SF/PF Lydon (34) while the Lakers draft PF Bell (Draymond Green 2.0) with 28.

Then the Lakers deal Clarkson to Portland for 15, 20 and 26 plus Crabbe.

So, Lakers draft SG Kennard at 15, C Anigbogu at 20 and PG/SG Sumner at 26.

Lakers for 2017-18:





Play Anigbogu in NBADL the whole season. He needs it. He might never get out.

Nick Young has opted out, Ennis can't get more than veteran minimum from Lakers and Robinson is dumb as a stump. Same issue with Nance as Ennis: Lakers can't offer him what others can.

Lakers maintain liberty to deal Russell and someone at mid-season for Paul George when Pacers realize "we are so f'd!"

Someone, sorry, can't remember who, posted that Lakers have $20 million to absorb before paying tax. But Young, Ennis, Clarkson, Robinson, Nance and Randle are worth $30 million, while Crabbe and those picks are wortth $37 million. So, Lakers are still well under tax level.

Indeed, Russell plus salary level means they get Paul George in December and still don't pay tax.

I seriously doubt this will happen. Most likely, Lakers will take Ball or Fox at 2 and then Bell or Swanigan at 28. And they will be stuck with Russell, Randle and Clarkson for another year as they see their value diminish. But then George is a free agent and signs with Lakers for less than what they would pay him if they got him in trade and then had to re-sign him as their own free agent.


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