Re: Would CSA haters be satisfied with Chris Holtmann?

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Posted by MMiller on June 10, 2017 at 19:55:29

In Reply to: Would CSA haters be satisfied with Chris Holtmann? posted by UCLAFight! on June 09, 2017 at 12:47:41


More and more, I find myself apologizing to people I often agree with.

But I can't help myself. I learned that C&R , DIY and FUBAR are essential knowledge.

Why make a post like this?

I am currently in favor of Steve Alford as the UCLA coach, but i have some lingering reservations. Maybe if I actually met him, I would know what to think better. But no, I don't presume to suggest an alternative. I do know not to suggest Ben Howland as an alternative. That would be like saying, "No, I will eat not eat the organic vegetable, but I will swallow the cyanide capsule."

Not everyone who criticizes Alford is a "hater." Alford makes mistakes. When he does, it's not only fair, but the absolute duty of all UCLA fans to call him out. Even if they're too stupid to know what mistake he made. They are fanatics, and no one expects them to rely on logic or facts.

Chris Holtzmann might win 5 NCs in the next 10 years. Nobody can say this is impossible.

Marshall is a dick. Donovan is in the NBA. Pitino is an old dick. Case closed on those 3.

Why did you make this post? Seriously. I'm not trying to dog you. I'm genuinely curious. Alford has like a bazillion dollar contract. Unlike the loser football coach at UCLA, Alford returned his entire salary after his team went 15-17 and didn't blame others for the failure, he said "I messed up so I don't deserve a penny." He is the first coach at any school to do this. So, Alford can deal with criticism. Can you?

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